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Speargun: No sprearfishing equipment set is complete without a speargun. Spearguns are available in a range of different sizes that are suitable for targeting different size fish and depths. The size of the fish you are targeting usually determinse the size of the speargun. An optimum size speargun for Ireland...
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Weight vest

Weight vest: is mostly used for cold water divers who use thick wetsuits and require more weight and better weight distribution than what only a weight belt can afford. Better weight distribution may also be required when diving very shallow. Weight vest is not meant to replace the weight belt,...
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 Weights: Weights are needed to help the spearfisher get to the bottom without using too much oxygen. A spearfisher should be positively buoyant as far down as 10m so, in the case of a blackout, the spearfisher does not sink. A good guide for whether you have the appropriate weight...
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Weight belt: Weight belts are used to secure dive weights around your waste. Generally you will be wearing a wetsuit while spearfishing. Wetsuits often consist of neoprene which is an extremely buoyant material and you would be unable to dive deep without weights on your weight belt. Weight belts are...
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