About Spearfishing Ireland

The Spearfishing Ireland website was created to promote spearfishing and to assist in scientific and spearfishing efforts.

In keeping with the need for change, and through the voluntary efforts of divers and other individuals who wish to see freediving and spearfishing reach it’s highest possible standards of excellence.

Our Mission:

The mission of the Spearfishing Ireland is to promote ethical, safe and sportsmanlike spearfishing practices, to encourage and support a sense of environmental responsibility among divers, to provide basic spearfishing guidelines for use in other spearfishing activities, and to participate in educational and scientific programs.

  • Promote the highest ethical standards of sportsmanship for spearfishing in Ireland;

  • Maintain on-going dialogue with spearfishers all over the Ireland, and consider the international community in its decision making processes;

  • Work with the scientific community, fisheries management organizations, fish and game departments, together with spearfishing clubs around the world, to increase our knowledge of the environment, as well as to educate and encourage environmental responsibility among divers and the public;

It is hoped that the Spearfishing Ireland will motivate freedivers to participate not only in a record attempt, but also in the selective and honorable sport of spearfishing

Disclaimer :

Spearfishing and Freediving and the related topics discussed in this site are inherently dangerous. Participating in any spearfishing and freediving activity exposes one-self to the risk of death and/or permanent injury. The content of this site is provided as personal entertainment only. Although portions of the content may be perceived as instructional, do not depend upon it as such.

Spearfishing Ireland does not accept any liability for injury or death caused whilst engaging directly or indirectly in any spearfishing and/or freediving activities. There are no warranties or guarantees, either expressed or implied that the information contained at this site is accurate, correct or reliable. You are responsible for using your own good judgement.

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