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    What kind of spearfishing equipment do you need for successful spearfishing?...
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    Please keep in mind that failing to comply with them can result in heavy fines, confiscation of equipment...
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    The word apnea comes from the Greek phrase “a-pnoia” – ‘without breathing’. In current terminology it is used...

Spearfishing in Ireland

The Spearfishing Ireland website was created to promote spearfishing and to assist in scientific and spearfishing efforts.

In keeping with the need for change, and through the voluntary efforts of divers and other individuals who wish to see freediving and spearfishing reach it’s highest possible standards of excellence.
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Spearfishing for some people is a way of life. For others is an extreme sport and an endless journey into the ocean.

There is no doubt that spearfishing has been attracting more and more people in recent years. With spearfishing and breath holding we can stop our time for a few minutes and disappear into another world.


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