Irish Spearfishing Regulations

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  • No licence is required in order to spearfish all around Ireland. Although there is legislation in place to protect the minimum size of fish and shellfish that can be taken from our waters
  • No licence is either required to own a spear gun provided it is a rubber banded one


  •  Sea Bass: A minimum of 40cm from the snout to the tail of the fish is allowed (S.I. No. 230 of 2006 BASS CONSERVATION OF STOCKS). Only two fish in 24hr period and there is a closed season for spawning from 15th of May until 15 of June where is not allowed to take any bass.
    It is illegal to sell or even offer for sale Sea Bass (not if has been imported into the State). (Order S.I. No. 367 of 2007).
  • Sea Trout and Wild Salmon: It is illegal to spearfish sea trout or salmon

  • Shellfish:

Scallops: Minimum Shell Size 110mm across the longest part of the shell.

Spider crab and Brown crab: minimum size for spider crab is 13cm from the front part to the posterior part of the carapace

Minimum size for brown crab is 13cm from the left to the right side of the carapace

Lobster: minimum size is 87mm from the front part to the posterior part of the carapace.

V-notched females should not be taken as it is illegal.

Please also note that is illegal to shoot lobster and crabs. They can be only collected by hand or with a string (loop shaped) attached to a short pole


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