Spearfishing in Ireland

Spearfishing is a form of fishing that has been popular throughout the world for
centuries. Early civilizations are familiar with the custom of spearing fish out of
rivers and streams using sharpened sticks as a means of catching food. 
Spearfishing today employs more modern and effective elastic- or pneumatic-powered spearguns and slings to strike the hunted fish.
Spearfishing may be done using free-diving or snorkeling. Spearfishing while using SCUBA or other artificial breathing apparatus is illegal in Ireland and many others countries.

Spearfishing is highly selective and has extremely low amount of by-catch and with education and proper regulations spearfishing can be the most ecologically sustainable form of fishing.

The very best free-diving spearfishers can hold their breath for durations of 2-4 minutes and dive to depths of 40 or even 60 meters (about 130 to 200 feet). However, dives of approximately 1 minute and 15 or 20 meters (about 50 to 70 feet) are more common for the average experienced spearfisher.


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