Spearfishing for some people is a way of life. For others is an extreme sport and an endless journey into the ocean.

There is no doubt that spearfishing has been attracting more and more people in recent years. With spearfishing and breath holding we can stop our time for a few minutes and disappear into another world.

It is very important to protect and conserve this beautiful ocean for many generations to come.

We strongly support marine resources and protection initiatives. Because we can see underwater we have to be very conservative on our approach. Please don’t take juvenile fish or shellfish in order to avoid reduction of stocks.

Overall, spearfishing has negligible impact to the aquatic environment.

  • No by-catch
  • No pollution
  • No contamination
  • No nets
  • No rubbish or debris

Only one fish at a time can be targeted.There are also other natural constraints including; the physical capacity of the individual, the weather and the sea conditions. Regardless of these limitations it is essential that divers act responsibly

Make sure to report illegal practices and poaching. Take only what you need for the table and more importantly… Dive Safe

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Marine Environment Checklist

  • Never leave litter or other
    pollution behind, whether it is
    yours or somebody elses.
  • Dispose of fish waste responsibly,
    preferably at a fish cleaning station
    or in a garbage bin.
  • Correctly maintain your boat and
    its engine to minimise the escape
    of any oil or other pollutants.
  • Keep diving skills up to date with
    continued education and training.
  • Use your knowledge and expertise
    to help others still novice.
  • Understand and respect underwater
  • Obey the regulations and observe
    bag and size limits.
  • Become involved in local
    environmental activities and issues.
  • Always be a role model for other
    divers and the public.
  • Respect the rights of other water
    users and always obey the instructions
    of statutory officials.
  • Report any actions or events that
    you feel may be detrimental to
    our sport or the environment.
  • Respect these principles and communicate
    them to others.

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