Q?Do I need a licence for my speargun in Ireland?

No licence is required to own a spear gun in Ireland

Q?Do I need a licence for spearfishing in Ireland?

No licence is required in order to spearfish all around Ireland. Although there is legislation in place to protect the minimum size of fish and shellfish that can be taken from our waters. Read more in “regulations section”>>

Q?Is spearfishing dangerous?

Spearfishing in not dangerous if you practice awareness and common sense use of your spearing device. Serious injury or death can occur if you are reckless when spearing. DO not point your speargun in the direction of another person even if it is not loaded. Always unload your speargun before getting back on the boat. Make sure you know exactly what you’re shooting at before shooting. Pay attention to your surroundings and practice good common sense.

Q?Is spearfishing hard?

With every hunting type sport, there is certain amount of practice you need before you can be a proficient hunter. Knowing how to aim your speargun is a most if you want to hunt a moving fish under water. Spearfishing in itself is not hard, but practicing how to use your speargun is imperative if you want to be effective. Also, knowing the kill zone of fish is important if you want to be successful

Q?What gear do I need to start out Spearfishing?

Wetsuit (with hood is preferred), Mask and Snorkel, Fins (freedive fins recommended), Diving weights, Speargun, Dive knife, Gloves and fin booties, Float (with dive flag). See more in our equipment section>>

Q?How much would all this gear cost me?

Depending on which brands/quality you chose however for entry level/mid range level gear approximately 500 -800 euro total for the full kit.

Q?Why are Freediving fins so long?

So as to give the diver enough propulsion to get under the surface and come back up quickly

Q?How do you guys hold your breath for so long?

Great breathhold and diving ability can take many years to master, therefore lots of SAFE diving practice!

Q?Do I need to be a good swimmer to Spearfish?

Yes, you have to be relatively good swimmer to do spearfishing in case of emergency situation.

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