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The word apnea comes from the Greek phrase “a-pnoia” – ‘without breathing’. In current terminology it is used to refer to the sport of free diving which is the immersion underwater without the aid of respiration. For some people free diving is a way to enjoy the depths of the ocean without the need of heavy, clumsy and uncomfortable SCUBA equipment. Others see free diving as an extreme sport with the uniqueness of requiring deep relaxation and peace in contrast to most other adrenaline pumping extreme sports. Some see free diving as an instrument for hunting underwater. Many see free diving as an art form and a form of self-expression and many others see freediving as the way to become one with the ocean and the rest of nature. Free diving is a form of deep meditation which leads to a positive change in ones awareness of oneself and his surrounding environment and in one’s ability to concentrate. Free diving leads to a better physical and mental condition of those who practice it. Apnea was certainly practiced in many cultures around the world and especially in populations settled on the shores of seas and lakes.Freediving was born out of the necessity to draw food. Many people practice free diving without realizing it!


A free diver is anyone who holds his breath and is immersed in water; from a person who plays with the fish at the depth of two meters to the person who descends to a depth of two hundred meters using a sled, as long as you’re holding your breath underwater and enjoying it, you are a free diver. However the practice of free diving requires a healthy psychophysical condition. You have to remember that it is an outdoor recreational activity and it has various risks. Lack of good training or a certain level of fitness (cardiovascular, pulmonary, and psychological) can impose great risks on an individual. So keep in mind that if you wish to initiate the practice of free diving it is important for your safety that you undergo a thorough medical exam.



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“No one dares to say when it all started, how far back in time you have to look to find first freediver. People were plunging in to the seas for food and resources for “ages”. We didn’t invent it. It was always there, within us.”

Freediving Association Ireland was created purely from passion. Passion for sport, nature and challenge. It was answer to call we heard for quite a while, to unite all individuals, already diving or want to dive. People who chose to challenge themselves mentally and physically in new way.

Little bit about us:

LiamLiam: “I’ve started Freediving couple years ago, for me… Freediving is not only diving… it is passion, life style and challenge for myself. I like depth disciplines, my favourite is constant weight also diving on exhale and free immersion. Making progress and every new personal best makes me feel, very proud of myself. On land I practice relaxation and breathing techniques (yoga). In the water I practice diving skills and technique. I think in Freediving, most important things is to be relaxed and enjoy the experience. That moment when you feel in tune with yourself, in tune with your surroundings, the water, you experience a higher perception of the nature, and this is probably the best feeling in the life.

I think no matter how do you decide to practice, never do this alone especially if you do not know where are your limits. This is the first and most important rule of Freediving, one you should never forget!”


DCIM100GOPROPavol: “I found freediving through SCUBA and only because I didn’t like my first SCUBA experience, yet wanted to be underwater. With all heavy gear I felt like an intruder and couldn’t move much. When I started freediving, being able to swim and move like a fish, for that short moment I was not an intruder anymore but welcomed visitor, I became part of underwater life, I was “hooked” straight away. Then as I started to improve, only then I realised what gift we get from God. Our body is truly amazing piece of equipment. All we need to do is look after it and it will look after us!”

Please visit our website whether you want to join us on regular trainings or want to start to freedive and have many questions, or want to meet like minded individuals to share knowledge and experience, give us a shout, don’t be a stranger.

Dive Safe!

FAI Team



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Freediving Association Ireland is organising quality training at Portroe Dive Centre on regular weekends throughout the summer for spearos and freedivers. They provide lines and bottom weights suspended from the purpose built freediving platform. Just bring your wetsuit and gear and join us in the water.
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