Basic Equipment

Basic Equipment
The equipment required to begin diving is not extensive. However it is important to ensure you are properly equipped to venture in to the ocean.

Below is a list of the essential elements of gear:

Dive mask
Dive fins
High visibility float
Regulation dive flag
Weight belt

For the beginner or budget conscious you may find some items that are fit for entry level purpose in the second hand market. Due to the interest in the sport over recent years, many specialized suppliers are well stocked with a large range of dive gear suitable for all levels. As you progress, the gear you will require to match your skill level will advance. In addition to some of the other gear listed, experienced divers typically use the following gear:

Open cell wetsuit with hood.
Free-diving fins (longer & stiffer)
Low volume dive mask.

You will find by graduating to this
type of kit that your time in the
water will be more enjoyable and

Basic Equipment
An open cell wetsuit has key advantages such as superior warmth and comfort.

Longer finsare generally more efficient and allow for deeper diving or more powerful swimming.

Low volume masks reduce drag in the water and require less precious air to equalise when submitted to water pressure caused by depth. Almost all quality dive masks are now manufactured from silicone as the comfort and seal is generally superior.

are many and varied. In the formative years of the sport, hand-spears were common as was the home-made speargun. Today, there is little need to engineer your own equipment, although some people still prefer to make their own gear for personal satisfaction. Spearguns can be purchased in a multitude of lengths, material and configurations. Keeping it simple is the key to trouble free diving. Most people start out with a speargun around 750 – 900mm in length.

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