Body oval, head rounded. Upper eye less than its own diameter from dorsal profile of head. Anterior nostril on blind side not enlarged. Dorsal fin beginning on upper profile of head. Eye side grayish-brown to reddish brown, with large and diffuse dark spots. Pectoral fin on eye side with a blackish blotch at posterior end of fin. Hind part of caudal fin generally darker than rest.

Adults occur at a temperature range of 8.0-24.0°C . Usually solitary. They burrow into sandy and muddy bottoms. Retreat to deeper water during winter. Feed on worms, mollusks and small crustaceans at night. Waden sea is the most important nursery area. Batch spawner. Recruitment is very variable. Frequently found pelagically during spawning migrations. Marketed fresh and frozen; utilized steamed, fried, broiled, microwaved and baked.



  • Dorsal spines (total): 0;
  • Dorsal soft rays (total): 73-86;
  • Anal spines: 0;
  • Anal soft rays: 61 – 74.
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4 way amplifier