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Spearfishing Mask

Spearfishing Masks: Your spearfishing mask is an important part of your kit as it is essentially your eyes underwater! Low volume masks are great for spearfishing as they require less air to be used to equalise the mask at a depth, therefore saving vital oxygen. Before using a new dive...
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Gloves for spearfishing

Gloves: Dive gloves are another important piece of spearfising equipment. Spearfishing gloves are basically gloves with grip added to them which allows you to hold fish without them slipping away, or hold onto rocks and reef without being cut....
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Torch: Underwater Torches can be handy if you are chasing prey in dark caves. Dive torches are also used for spearfishing at night time....
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Freediving / Spearfishing Computer

Freediving / Spearfishing Computer : Dive computers are watches that automatically calculate many aspects of every dive you do. Features of most dive computers include total dives, dive time, depth, personal records, date, time, surface interval times, configurable alarms, descending depth alarms and much more. Most dive computers also include...
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4 way amplifier