Terrible truth about Shark Finning

Bite-Back is an innovative shark and marine conservation charity that works to inspire restaurants and retailers to put conservation before commerce and stop selling vulnerable and threatened fish species.

Please help Bite-Back make Britain’s restaurants shark fin-free.

Sadly more than 80 restaurants in the UK sell shark fin soup. With the help of its supporters, the charity now plans to expose these establishments and encourage them to remove shark fin soup from menus, for good.

Commenting on the film, chef and television presenter, Gordon Ramsay, said: “Demand for shark fin soup plays a significant part in this beautiful species’ threatened extinction and Bite-Back, who work tirelessly to campaign and promote the conservation of sharks and other marine life, needs all of our support.”

This film has been created by the award-winning London advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather, with the help of Afrioceans Conservation Alliance, Greenpeace, Lesley Rochat, Pretoma.org, Scubazoo, Shark Project International and WildAid. Our genuine and sincere thanks go to them all.

Please share this film and visit www.bite-back.com to find out how you can help.

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  1. Rafal Rafal says:

    I hope some day it will stop!

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